National Phase Patents

File national phase patents directly with patent attorneys in each country.

Our network of patent attorneys has a long track record, with proven efficient, high quality patent filing services at very reasonable prices.

Our national phase patent pricing cannot be matched.

Example: National phase patent filing in South Africa:

  • Iptica filing cost: US$ 199
  • Inovia filing cost: US$ 1,133

With over 2,950 successful applications to date.

We file national phase patents for patent applicants directly and for patent attorneys on behalf of applicants.



Patent Pending Numbers

Developed an App? Launching a new of upgraded product? Designed a novel board game? Conceived a unique business method? Or, concocted a foodstuff?

Each of our patent pending numbers is effective in 177 countries. We have integrated our systems into the most affordable (and efficient) patent office in the world.

Now, any inventor or product developer can mark their new product, packaging and marketing material “Patent Pending” for only US$99.

We guarantee you a Patent Pending Number within a couple of days and your patent pending document will be maintained strictly secret.


PayAnnuity Renewal System

The PayAnnuity patent, trademark and design renewal system: is robust; runs internal procedures that pick up input errors; includes a budgeting feature; and alerts clients to new patents that may infringe patents in their renewal portfolios.

The renewal system has been in use for 10 years and processes +4,000 renewals annually for more than 200 clients. Users of the renewal system include one of the largest oil companies, multinational US companies, universities and law firms.

Simplify management of your patent, trademark and design renewals by uploading them to the PayAnnuity online renewal system. We can assist with the upload at no cost.

Renewal pricing examples – South Africa:

Patent renewal Trademark renewal
PayAnnuity US$ 56.50 US$ 77.50
Main competitor US$ 94.50 US$ 109.50



We specialize in creating functional prototypes – prototypes specifically designed to test function, attract investors and communicate the invention.

Within a couple of weeks, you can hold and play with a working prototype, developed at a fraction of the cost you expected to pay.

IdeaPrototype is a company of industrial designers and engineers, housed within the secure environment of a patent law firm. We guarantee that your idea will be kept secret, and that all intellectual property will belong to you.